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DOTW | Winema | The Ghostly Hills

So guess who figured out how to animate on Photoshop!? I did! Don't get too excited it's only a glowing orb. I know I have a long way ahead of me if I want to do anything special, but here it is; my first animated piece.

- - -
Winema decides to investigate the new Fellfang homeland. Hearing about a distant forest that is rich with herbs, she has to go and investigate, despite also hearing the forest could be haunted. After searching for herbs, a fog and dark clouds suddenly gather. The fog is thick and gathers at her paws and upon a hill a small red glowing orb appears. It floats on the hill as if watching her. The middle of the orb glows and beats. somehow familiar to her. As soon as she begins to approach it it disappears into the Grenmyrk Forest. What or who could that orb be?

This was also caused by watching too much Ghost Adventure episodes.

Winema (c) Me


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deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: soft and light Rock, Instrumental
Favourite photographer: uh..
Favourite style of art: I love it all!
MP3 player of choice: What I've Done by Papa Roach
Shell of choice: sea dollar
Skin of choice: I like the skin I got, but wouldn't mind a light tan.
Favourite cartoon character: Aang, Katara, Sokka(the meat and sarcassum guy), Toph and Zuko. Monkey D. Luffy.
Personal Quote: What is in the past is the past.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Night had come. Checking on her pack, she left the small valley where they were to stay. Everyone had a tough day of training, but it looked they were understanding it. Her pack mates were smart, she knew they would take this knowledge and learn from it. Now, it was time to see Fitu.

Swallowing past her nervousness..or was it anxiety? She crept out of the clearing and followed the directions Fitu had given her. Her pace was fast, she wanted to see Fitu as soon as possible. In only these short hours she had missed that energy between them. To feel such hua; it had to be a sign from the Gods that their union would be a Blessing.

In only a short amount of time, she found the river. Deciding to quench her dry throat she lapped at the cool water. It seemed to slate her thirst, but her anxiety was through the sky as she sat beneath a group of trees and waited for Fitu.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
A pale moonlighted Fitu's path as he made his way out of the caverns and towards the southern hills.

Apprehension had taken hold of him as soon as he and Nahi had part ways those few hours ago. He was surprised with himself. The young alpha had been a shy wolf since joining his first pack and still was. But in those moments of passion he had invited Nahi to the hills.

Fitu turned his decision over and over in his mind. Was this truly for the best? Could they be together leading separate packs? Would their bond be strong enough? But his heart answered every question the same: Yes, yes, yes.

Fitu's concerns, however, strong they had been, melted when he reached the river, to find Nahi waiting for him, her scarlet pelt silvered in the dim light.

"Are you...ready? To keep going, I mean?"
he asked.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Staring up at the pale moon above, she smiled in it's light. Mother Gaho was watching over her, it was a good omen. Breathing slowly, Nahi tried to calm her racing her. While waiting for Fitu, she could begin to think about this will mean for their Packs. Of course they would stay with their own packs, but they could still see each other once and a while.

It wasn't as if a great distance separated them. Yes, the two of them sharing such a great energy, it had to be fate.

Suddenly seeing movement in the shadows, she stood up. Fitu stepped into the silver light and her breath caught. If it weren't for those golden eyes, she almost would've thought he was Gaho come to greet her.

"I am. If you are." Moving forward to greet him, she touched her nose tenderly to his.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
"I am too" Fitu said, feeling a warm ticklish sensation wash over him when she touched his nose with hers.

"It's not far." Fitu promised, turning towards the base of the hills to a path that wound into them. Icadorityl's constellation shone bright above his desired peak, her left eye glowing brighter than ever as if winking supportively to him. He blushed involuntarily, thankful Nahi was still a bit behind him so that she couln't see his face which had twisted into an almost pup-like embarassed grin.

The hills here were less rocky than the ones in Heyl's old location. More grass grew on the hillsides, along with heather and lichens and scrub. Sounds that would normally sent Fitu bouding into the brush after a prey creature did not sway him. The young alpha waited for his companion to reach his side again before licking her ear and forehead. Though he had never done anything like this before, he knew it was right. It all felt right.

When they reached the top of the hill, the vegetation had ceased and all that was left was a flat strip of rock, broken only by the measurless depths of many cold springs, reflecting the shimmering bits of light in the soft darkness above.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Nahi looked up at the sky, staring up at the stars. "The sky is so beautiful at night. I love mornings, but night is also one of my favorite times of the day.." She told as he to had look to the night sky. The moon's glow casted a silvery light upon the wolves. Nahi's russet fur almost seemed to match Fitu's white coat which glowed beneath the night's light.

Trotting quickly to reach his side as they made their way through the valley. Heyl's territory was so different from Dawnguard's. Dawnguard had mostly flat valleys and tall forests of pine. The valleys were mostly marsh near the coast of the cove. But, it was still a near wondrous territory.

After reaching Fitu's side as they reached the apex of hill she felt his warm tongue against the side of her face. Leaning her body gently into his. Looking over crest of the hill, her tail wagged as she peered into the lower valley which had turned to flat rock. Stars winked from the surface of the water.

"Wow, this is beautiful.." She whispered, lying her head on his shoulder and licked it softly.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu nodded.

"I was afraid of leaving Heyl's old territory for many reasons. One of the biggest ones was having to leave the White Hills behind. They were my favorite place to go and think, especially at night. But After finding this place, which is so similar, I don't mind so much."

But never would he have expected to bring Nahi here, and not for this reason. But as he looked over at her, in awe of how her eyes could glow like embers even in the little light they had to see by, Fitu knew he wouldn't want it any different. And now Dawnguard was only just south of Heyl, instead of so far along the coast as it had been. He glanced up at Icadorityl again and silently thanked her. Perhaps the earthquake hadn't been such a bad thing after all. Fitu inhaled deeply, taking in Nahi's scent. He draped his head slowly over her shoulder, aware once again of the heat that rose between them any time they touched.

"I'm glad you came." He said softly.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
"I understand. I felt the same way leaving behind the shrines of my Gods." Nahi's face dropped. It tore at her soul to have seen the shrines buried beneath the water that had flooded their home. "But, we have an entire island now to dedicate to the Gods." Her face brightened and she looked to Fitu.

His eyes were like small orbs of fire. Just like hers. When his head rested on her shoulder, her fur began to prickle. It was that same energy that pulsed through when he had her pinned. When their bodies were so close.

"I am honored that you invited me. I feel..Blessed to have met you Fitu." She leaned her head against his, placing her nose against the small black star that was on his forehead.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu lick Nahi's neck when she touched his forehead. It had all happened so quickly. Not a few months had passed and here they were already, ready to pledge themselves to one other. Fitu traced the fur along Nahi's spine with his nose, taking in her scent again. It was exhilerating to be this close with her. Even more amazing, now that he thought about it, was the fact that they had had the same feelings for eachother. It was like a dream, a shared miracle that could only mean their union had been blessed by higher powers. Never before could he think of two alphas leading different packs coming together in mateship. Of course, there was always a start to everything.

At the same time, the pale wolf felt as if he barely cared about their positions. In fact, the more he thought about it, the less it mattered to him. Nahi was a wolf, just like any other. But she was special to him now because of their shared fire. The complication-or addition- of their alpha status melted away. All Fitu wanted was her.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Warmth and energy flooded her senses as Fitu's muzzle traced her spine. Her heart beat was so fast, she was sure Fitu could hear it. Could this really be happening? Even though she hardly knew much about Fitu, their connection was electric. It was truly love at first sight.

Knowing one wolf back in her pack that might have a problem with such actions; she didn't care. She was Alpha and so was he, it was obvious their affections were true. This could be good for both of their Packs.

His scent overwhelmed her and filled her nostrils. Never would she forget his smell. He was connected to her. Nahi leaned into his body, feeling the heat focus along where their bodies touched. She felt an overwhelming need to be closer to him. To be with him. If she could ever describe the feeling she had when she saw her God in her dreams, it was what this felt like. The exhilaration to be so close to something that was filled with an overwhelming power.

Floating on cloud-nine, she forgot about everything. Her Pack. The complications of their Packs being separated. Everything was forgotten for that moment. Only she and Fitu existed.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu licked the back of Nahi's neck vigorously and whispered to her.

"Nahi-I love you"

But he not only said it, he felt it. Every fiber in his body screamed his love for her and before he knew what he was doing, he had grasped the nape of her neck.  They were one, and things could never be the same. It was their time, and their love would be witnessed and blessed by all the celestial bodies that sparkled above.


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