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DOTW | Try to Mend Wounds | Winema + Nach
| N A C H |
The winter breeze was strong on the island, and the snow was a soft blanket across the territory. Nach was getting the hang of living here now, and it was almost becoming second nature for all the landmarks to know. Moving to this new territory was still a challenge for the Brandr, but Nach knew that he had to adapt. What made this place so interesting, was that this is were Fellfang used to call home, before Fable took over as the Jarl. Nach never knew what Fellfang was like in the old days, only from stories of past experiences from the other Fellfangir. Nach was glad to be under the command of Jarl Fable, a father figure that he never had before.
Nach had already completed his tasks for the day, and he volunteered to do something special for another member. He knew of a Witch-doctor in the pack by the name on Winema, but he never did get the chance to actually meet her. This chance he had was a perfect opportunity to properly meet her. Some of the hunters had some
:iconselenethewerewolf:SeleneTheWerewolf 3 3

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Wild West Show:Ballad of Rango
The sun beat down hard on the desert landscape, as the lone drifter salamander beat his boots into the sand.  Step by step he carried on, lowering his head to keep the wind and heat out of his eyes.  He paused, he lift his head up just enough to see from under the brim of his black beaten cowboy hat.  In the distance he can make out the sillouette of a town against the desert sky, nearby was a small wooden sign welcoming him to the town of Drift.  It is one of the smallest towns he's seen out in these parts, but it's better than nothing.
Lifting his head against the wind, the salamander dusted the sand off his bare clay brown chest and removed the strap holding his guitar onto his back.  He took the shirt and vest hanging off his shoulder:  in the desert you can withstand the heat, but a town has some modesty.  The salamander put the dingy white shirt on, covering the wooden rosary hanging from his neck and the small
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:PKMN-SKIES: Renassiance Faire : Mount Denied P.1

So this is Piper, trying to find a mount for the Jiggly Jousting, unfortunately I don't think that Mudsdale is down for carrying a 400lb Wailord. Will Piper find a mount in time?!

Pokemon (c) Gamefreak
Piper (c) Me
:iconpkmnskies: 2nd Character . . .
- - -
Never thought I'd be drawing a Rattata again, but this here is one of Leslie's children. Through some space bending, the kid is of legal age
- - -

Basic Info

  • Name: Marlin
  • Nicknames: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: November 1st | Scorpio | 18
  • Height: 4'05"
  • Weight: 55lbs

Character Info

  • Nature: Bold | Highly persistent |
  • Personality:
      • Even with brothers and sisters, Marlin likes to go off on his own and have adventures. His imagination goes wild, always creating stories. Sometimes he'll even share these stories to his friends or would-be-friends.
      • Being raised by a pirate and living on a ship for 10 years has made him resourceful. He can take pretty much anything and turn it into a tool.
      • When it comes to dangerous situations and his friends are at stake, Marlin will rush in and save them. He is quite confident in his abilities and persistent enough to take on many challenges.
      • Very curious, just like his mother. Marlin likes to get involved with others and their lives. It's quite meddlesome, but he does it with the best intentions. Also if there is ever a rumor of something mysterious, he's gonna be right there investigating.
      • Unfortunately, Marlin took after his Mother in personality. He's extremely headstrong and doesn't think things through. However, he is still young and can still learn from his mistakes.
      • Another trait like his mom, is being very quick-tempered. His emotions run very close to the surface, and especially when he's angry he might say things he doesn't really mean. After running his mouth, he will apologize soon after.
      • He loves playing games, especially playing games with other people. And by games, he likes tricking people and playing pranks. Even though he's a young trickster he does know when to calm it down.
  • Species: # 019 Rattata
  • Hometown: Ula'ula Island, Alola Region
  • History:
    • Offspring to Leslie & Gage. The couple met in Pokette. To start a family they moved to the Alola Region once it was discovered.
    • Helped his mom fish and bake. She taught him to cook because once he turned 8 his uncle Iob took him on his pirate ship. As the ship's cabin boy.
    • Sailed across the Alola Region.
    • Anything he fished for, he turned the bones to scrimshaw and sold them to earn money on the islands.
    • He dove for treasure and found the Ocean Stones that he wears around his wrist.
    • While out fishing with his Uncle he caught a Gyarados and fought it. It got away, but he tells the story like a heroic adventure tale.
    • Got into a lot of fights with the Lieutenant Axel. A Houndoom that never liked the boy. He often locked the boy away in a small closet with small Will-O-Wisps surrounding him. Hence why he's afraid of fire and closed in spaces.
    • After turning 18 he left the ship. His Uncle had finally realized something had been going on between his nephew and the Lieutenant, but it was too late. Damage had been done. Marlin didn't blame his Uncle, but want to go and find a peaceful place to have more adventures and to get away from the ship. He found Newleaf and hopes to start a new life.


  • Hobby: | Whittling | Fishing | Diving | Jewelry Making | Baking |

    • Likes:
      • Fishing
      • Teasing Friends
      • Making Jewelry for friends
      • Carving Scrimshaw
      • Baking Pastries
    • Dislikes:
      • Closed in Spaces
      • Thunder and Lightening
      • Fire
  • Moveset:
    • :iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack
    • :icondarktypeplz: Bite
    • :iconelectrictypeplz: Thunderwave
    • :iconicetypeplz: Icebeam
B A D G E S :

- - -
Leslie & Marlin © Me
Gage © buttersheeps 



United States
My birthday badge

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: soft and light Rock, Instrumental
Favourite photographer: uh..
Favourite style of art: I love it all!
MP3 player of choice: What I've Done by Papa Roach
Shell of choice: sea dollar
Skin of choice: I like the skin I got, but wouldn't mind a light tan.
Favourite cartoon character: Aang, Katara, Sokka(the meat and sarcassum guy), Toph and Zuko. Monkey D. Luffy.
Personal Quote: What is in the past is the past.
Some IRL problems have begun to take over my life. It all began last year when my mom and I got evicted from our home in November. We had 30 days to find a new place. Unfortunately, we could not find a new home. We rehomed 2 out of our 5 cats and my bird. Our 5th cat had to be put down because her kidney's were failing. The one male, Skimble was rehomed and gets along fine in his new family.

Cailey is not getting along with her new family. She is constantly fighting with my dad's kittens and the one male kitten Jay fights with her two. Cailey takes her aggression out on the female kitten and she sprays my dad's house. I am currently living with my dad about an hour away from my job.

Anya and Raven live with my mom and her "friend". Raven gets along okay with a boy kitten named Jasper at the house. However does not get along with the other two cats living there. Anya doesn't like anyone because shes a grumpy old cat. And Anya has begun to spray too. >.<

After living with my dad for 2 months it's gotten a bit rough. He's telling me that I need to find a new job because the one I currently work at; Discovery Cove as a Photographer/Videographer is not paying my bills. I've been with the company for 5 years and every Winter we shut down. When Spring hits around March my hours pick back up and I can my bills. I've scraped by these last 4 winters because I lived with my mom, I didn't have to travel 120 miles a day and she would help me out with some of my bills. My dad on the other hasn't. Only once has covered one half of my car payment.

Not that I blame him, I know I need to find a suitable job to pay my bills. He tells me he isn't trying to deviate me from my career path to being a trainer, but he tells me to find another job as a new career. Confusing right? So I've hit quite a slump and not sure what to do about it... I know things will be better as soon as my job hours pick up. And Hopefully by March or April my mom and I will have a place to live where we can get all our animals back.
  • Listening to: Abzu Soundtrack
  • Reading: Recreated
  • Watching: Shugo Chara
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: chocolate chip cookies
  • Drinking: water


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