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OS | Badgerpaw REF by SeleneTheWerewolf OS | Badgerpaw REF by SeleneTheWerewolf
:paranoid: semi-new warrior's group. It's been a while since I've tried out for a Warrior's group. I tried TGB but they already too established and I couldn't get my foot in anywhere.
edit: I got in! :dummy:

- - -


. Badgerpaw .
. Badger, comes from a long line of names starting from her great ancestor Badgerbane.    
  Paw is the original suffix for apprentices .
. 10 MOONS .
Birth season:
. Newleaf .
. Apprentice
. She-cat .

Religious Belief: ★★★★★
. I believe in my ancient ancestors. They guide me with a path written in the stars .


Badgerpaw is a slightly below average sized she-cat. With a stocky build and a pale coat with vibrant blue eyes. Her coat is pale gray with white markings on chest, tail tip and face. Around her eyes, legs and tail are marked with dark gray striping. Her fur is always ruffled and unkempt, no matter how hard she tries to groom it. Though rough it may look, the fur is actually quite soft as a cloud.

Fur Statistics:

●○○○○○○○○○ ➟ Rough

●●●●●●●●●○ ➟ Soft

●●●●●○○○ ➟ Long

●●●○○○○○ ➟ Short

Build Statistics:

●●●●○○○○○○ ➟ Tall

●●●●●●○○○○ ➟ Short

●●●●●○○○○○ ➟ Slim

●●●●●○○○○○ ➟ Muscular


    .Positive Traits.

[DUTIFUL] "I follow my path given to me by my ancestors. I will always preform my duty to my clan and ancestors."
{ synonyms: respectful, docile, submissive, duteous }
    Even though Badger was not born inside the clans, she knows how important one's ancestors are. Even though she was not born in Thunder Clan, she is as loyal as any clan cat. Her parents were Rogues, but they taught her about Star Clan and the other five clans. She takes her apprentice duties very seriously and will above and beyond to prove her worth. The last thing she wants is to pushed away from her home.

"You may not like it at first, but that's what makes it fun!"
{ synonyms: spirited, mischievous, good-natured, whimsical }
    Despite no longer being a kit, Badger will find many ways to have fun. All work and no play, makes for a very dull warrior. Badger believes that without play a warrior can lose their abilities. That's how training begins right, through play? Even the grumpiest of warriors need to know the meaning of fun. Whether it's playing tricks or even batting at someone's tail, she will try her best to make someone happy.

"If you pull that branch down, then wrap it around a tree it's called a trap!"
{ synonyms: ingenious, talented, quick-witted, skilled }
    Being a rogue does have it's perks. Your parents teach you all sorts of tricks to go unnoticed by the Clans. Badger's favorite pass times are making new ways to create traps. One of the tactics that she grew up with ways to mask her scent. When it comes to fighting, she's very witty when using her surroundings to battle.

    .Neutral Traits.

[AMBITIOUS] "No matter what happens, I will make my ancestors proud!"
{ synonyms: enthusiastic, determined, anxious, hopeful }
    Being born as a Rogue and with her parents such as hers, they wanted her to always reach for the stars. Her mother told her many stories of her ancestors, stories being passed down through each generation. Her father always told her to strive for perfection, and if not for perfection something as close to make your ancestors proud. Badger is determined to do everything she can to be the best she can be. She'll do anything if it means making her dreams come true. As long as it is within the Warrior Code.

"You may not think so, but I can see my ancestors. They are all around us, no just in Star Clan."
{ synonyms: artistic, visionary, dreamy, vivid }
    Whether asleep or awake Badger who believes that her ancestors and other members of Star Clan walk among the clans. Her dreams always involve her ancestors and what she believes to be a realm where cats of the physical world can mingle with those of Star Clan. It doesn't matter what someone tells her, even if they can't see it--she can feel it in her bones. It was the way she grew up with parents, who had a very strong bond their parents and ancestors. If Star Clan existed, then of course those cats and visit and decide to make themselves felt by others. Badger's ancestors are what keeps her on the path she believes is right and they keep her company when she feels alone. That way, no one is really alone.

    .Negative Traits.

[CLUMSY] " to trip.."
{ synonyms: ungraceful, ungainly, lumbering, lubberly }
    Who said all cats were graceful? Badger is prone to be very clumsy. This could be in her response her energetic and impulsive nature. It's extremely hard for to stand still and focus, and thus her hunting skills are something to be desired for. Even whilst not hunting, whether its playing or even training if she becomes too over excited, she may trip over her own paws. This then causes a chain reaction of her becoming extremely embarrassed and thus making her even more clumsy. It is unclear if this will go with age.

"Yeah,..I caught that mouse, but it was on our territory first."
{ synonyms: honest, harmless, naive, child-like }
    Unfortunately, Badger is honest to a fault. Her parents always taught her honesty is the best policy. Being born a Rogue, there is nothing worse. Not even death would be considered a punishment. In any confrontation, Badger will be sure to let any cat know what is on her mind. If it is what she believes is the truth, she will say it. You may always rely on Badger to tell you the truth, she is brutally honest, but that is not always a bad thing.

"I can do what I want if it's for the honor of my clan and my ancestors!"
{ synonyms: abrupt, hasty, instinctive, spontaneous }
    Badger often rushes into everything without thinking first. Her emotions boil very close to the surface. This allows her to not only rely heavily on her instincts, but on the downside can land her in very sticky situations. To any other cat, this may seem like a downside, makes her a liability; this just means that you can rely on her to have your back no matter what. Lying on instincts seems to heighten her senses and in thus readies her for anything that might. However, being too emotional may be her downfall--she will have to grow train her impulsiveness.

"I prefer a life of sticking my nose in other cat's problems."
{ synonyms: intrusive, nosy, snooping, curious }
    While being so impulsive, she often pushes her nose into others business. If one is in need of help, she will do just about anything to please them. Helping others allows to her to follow the path she thinks is right. Even if a cat does not want her help, she doesn't take no for an answer. Though she doesn't care why somecat may need help; she'll find that out later, she only wants to help anyway. Oh, if it weren't for that meddlesome cat. It's hard for her to know when enough is enough when helping someone; it's hard to tell her its impossible.

- Helping others, no matter the clan
- Protecting her clan from badger attacks
- Frolicking in a field of flowers
- Lying by the river, meditating
- Star-gazing
- Being told she can't do something
- Being alone
- Arrogant cats
- Fighting
- Collecting herbs
- Meditating
    To make her ancestors happy. | Protecting her clan by being the best medicine cat she can be.
Disappointing her ancestors. | Becoming a Rogue again.


Theme Song(s): tba

[ Favorites ]

Prey: Squirrels

Season: Leaf Fall

Time of Day: Twilight

Color: Blue

Scent: Pine

Place: The Sunning Rocks

Activity: Collecting herbs

[ Fun Facts ]

  • tba


Basic Statistics:

Attack: ●●●○○○○  Stamina: ●●●●●○○○   Strength: ●●●●○○○○○○   Agility: ●●●○○   Defense: ●●●●●●○○○○

Tactic: ●●●●●●●○○   Speed: ●●●●●○○○○○   Intelligence: ●●●●●○○○○○

Skill Statistics:

Hunting: ●●●○○○○   Tracking: ●●●●●●○○○○   Stalking: ●●●○○○○   Swimming: ●●●●●●●○○  

Jumping: ●●●●●●○○○○   Climbing: ●●●●●●●●●○   Stealth: ●●●○○○○   Herbal/Plant/Fungus Knowledge: ●●●●○○○○

Fighting Style:

Badger does not enjoy fighting, so in response she evades. While in battle she creates evading, circular movements. She circles around her opponent, pushing against their body in different directions. Deflecting their attacks with a turn of her body, or pushing against their legs trying to knock them off balance. Even taking the opportunity to sneak beneath their body and pushing them away.


. Demiromantic | Panromantic .

. ooo .
. ooo .
. ooo .
. ooo .
. ooo .
. Badgerheart . - dam - ♀ - deceased
. Foxwhisper . - sire - ♂ - alive - rogue

. Otterpaw . - sibling - ♂ - alive
. Leafpaw . - sibling - ♀ - alive

purple heart bullet  kin
Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  mate
Death  deceased

silver bullet unsure | silver bullet silver bullet cautious
| silver bullet silver bullet silver bullet  afraid of | Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! acquaintances | Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U!Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U!  friendly  | Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! close friends
Red Bullet  interest | Red Bullet Red Bullet crush | Red Bullet Red Bullet Red Bullet  lust | Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! fondness | Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  intimate | Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! love
Bullet; White  respect | Bullet; White Bullet; White admiration | Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White idol | Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! annoyed  | Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! dislike | Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! avoids 
Bullet; Black hate | Bullet; Black Bullet; Black despise  | Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black wants dead


Before Birth ..

Badger was not born in any of the five clans. In fact both of her parents are Rogues. Despite being Rogues, her parents, Badgerheart and Foxwhisper honored and cherished the Warrior Code, despite their ancestors breaking it. The line of "Badger" began with a young apprentice in an ancient old clan. As a warrior, she earned the name Badger"bane" by leading a small band trained Warriors to battle off badgers that invaded the clan. She became a protector of the clan and was soon made deputy. She continued to serve her clan, protect it from other Clans and badgers a like. But, as the story goes some say she was not fit for leadership so when the leader passed she fled away from the Clans. While other stories say that she was killed in battle of a badger by herself. As the years went the ending was lost in time.

For generations the line of "Badger" ran it's course through the currently named Thunderclan until it was broken by a young female who was kidnapped as an apprentice by a some rogues. No longer raised within the Clans she grew up away from the Warrior code. As moons turned to season she became more at home among the Rogues and ended up falling in love with a fellow Rogue. After many seasons the two were blessed with their first litter.

Kithood ..
As a young kitten Badger, her two other siblings and parents moved constantly around the borders of the five Clans. Mostly they tried settle one way or another around Thunderclan. Because rogues weren't very welcome near Clan borders, they tried desperately to find that perfect margin between Clans where they can grow their kits, keep an eye on the Clans and survive. After a few moons of searching the small family settled between Thunder and Shadowclan. Thunderclan seemed relatively peaceful and the forest and the Shadowclan marshes seemed rich. Badgerheart and Foxwhisper began to teach their kittens about the ancestors, about Starclan and about the warrior code. Living next to the clans, you did make some friends and learned a few things.

With the little knowledge she retained from her apprenticeship, she taught a little herbal knowledge to her kits. It was nothing that could cure green cough, but enough to at least mend a scratch so fight off infection. Of course, there was only so much a young kit could soak in. While her siblings focused on their studies, Badger was always wandering off. Chasing a butterfly or getting distracted by the whisper of the wind howling through the forest.

Badgerheart saw so much in her little gray and white kit, thus she had earned her name. Deep in her heart she could feel that her kits would return back to the clans to renew their line to Starclan.

Badger and her siblings had just reached three moons old, and thus were no longer tiny kits. The parents went off on a hunting trip to bring back live prey to finally test their skills the young kits had been honing since they could walk.
Now, unfortunately for the small family their nest was a bit too close to Shadowclan territory. It was just close enough to catch the attention of the a small band of badgers that had invaded Shadowclan territory. The scent of small kittens was too tempting to pass up.

While waiting for their parents in their makeshift den of brambles, the kits began to do what kits do best, play. The attention attracted a nearby badger. As the badger began to approach it peered into the den and found the three kits. For a moment it was at a loss of what to do, then Badger sprung up and scratched the badger's nose. The badger gave a howl of pain before it dove into the brambles, but by then the kits had scattered. Hearing the distant howl Badgerheart and Foxwhisper rushed home.

They came just in time to see the Badger grab little Badger by her scruff. Without thinking Badgerheart attacked, making the Badger release the kit. While in full mother rage, the two fought while Foxwhisper got the kits to safety. When he returned to the thicket, Badgerheart was severely wounded. The small family came together one last time. Badgerheart said this to her kits: "The path of a Rogue is must return to the clans." Badgerheart looked to her mate, if the kits were returned to the clans then perhaps..Starclan will not forsake her. With a promise that she will follow the path of Starclan, she said goodbye to her Mother.

With a heavy heart, Foxwhisper left his kit at the border of Thunderclan, knowing the Warrior Code could not turn away a helpless kit. Suddenly feeling the loss of not just her Mother, but her Father as well Badger cried out. Hoping someone would hear her. . .

Apprenticeship ..
Being found at the border, little Badger was taken into the Clan. Her scratches from the Badger attack were healed. Her mother may have taught some herbal knowledge, but nothing was compared to the Medicine Cat of Thunder Clan. Badger attached herself onto Daisyshine, even after being healed of her wounds. The young cat was quite eager to learn all about Medicine Cats and often ran errands to collect herbs for Daisyshine; even without being her apprentice.

While she was healing she always asked Daisy questions about what herb was that, not necessarily asked what it was for. But how hard was it to find a matching plant? Even without being a Medicine Cat apprentice, she would still make time to go collect herbs while training to be a warrior. Even though..that was not what she wanted to do. Deep down, Badgerpaw was terrified of battling. She had scratched that badger's nose..she was play-fighting with her siblings which had attracted the badger. Her mother fought instead of running with her dad. All had been caused by fighting. . .

R O L E P L A Y  E X A M P L E

| Badgerpaw |
Curling up in a bed of moss she procured for herself. She had all but collapsed into her nest, exhausted from today's training. Not only was she training how to fight better, without tripping over her own tail, she also went out to gather herbs for Daisy. The cold wind of coming leaf-bare was nearly upon them. This was why she made time to gather as much herbs as could, when leaf bare came, nothing grew. And Leaf bare was a dangerous time for cats, especially for those young and old. It was a personal mission of hers to gather as much herbs as could to stock the Medicine Cat den, even without needing to.

No longer able to fight off sleep, Badgerpaw gave in and slipped quietly into a Dreamscape..

Opening her glistening blue eyes that reflected much like glass. Reflecting the dazzling stars that surrounded her. The ground was peculiar golden field. Something in the sky suddenly moved. Stars were brought closer together and formed the shape of a cat. The cat with gleaming stars as pelt pulled itself from the sky and walked down the hill. As it got closer the pelt formed a glistening grey, white and black pelt with stars glittering beneath the fur. Her eyes were as blue as the sky itself.

"Greetings young Badgerpaw, I am Badgerbane. I am your ancestor." The she-cat smiled at the young she-cat. The cat's expression was soft and kind, she could've sworn she heard the sound of stars singing. "You are on your way to being a great cat in Thunderclan. You must continue to follow this path." She said as a white path made of stars appeared before her that seemed to lead into the horizon.

"What about my mom? Is she with you?" Badgerpaw scanned the stars above. As if on cue, there was another movement and Badgerheart appeared beside her ancestor. "I am always with you, Badgerpaw, even if you can't see me. We shall always watch over you." Badgerheart pulled her daughter closer and hugged her close. "My sweet, you must not be afraid to fight. Fighting is how you defend your clan and your life. Don't be afraid to fight."

Badgerpaw woke suddenly from the dream. It was just a dream. It was her subconscious telling her that even though death happens, she can't be afraid. Starclan is there for the cats to live again. You can't be afraid to bare your claws and fangs, you have to protect your clan...

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