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As soon as I begin to get back into art and video editing, my tablet's port decides to be a mess. The wire that connected into the tablet is wiggly and weak. It disconnects to the computer, if anyone knows a cheap way to fix this, please let me know. If it can't be fixed..I don't know when I could get another tablet. I suppose I will be forced to do traditional art and Literature.
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Making a journal advertising again that the wolves of Heylguard please respond to the consent form, even you don't want to participate. The form can be found here: . I am not forcing anyone to join the event, but the event does work better the more people who are involved and its good character development. Even if you don't want to be the in the event, please sign the consent so it's easier for us to track of who isn't in the event.

 We need all responses even you do not want to participate by October 10th, 2016.

- - -
On a side note, I will be accepting character commissions. As I have to earn some extra money since my mom, I and our roommate are being evicted in 30 days. If you are interested please comment below. I will be making some more information about my commissions later.

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So I felt the need to write this journal due to people not really knowing what has been going on with me currently. At least most of my RPers who don't really know me as well as others who might. For the last 5 years, I have tried to acquire a Zoological Internship at Discovery Cove. After graduating from College with my AA Degree I finally achieved my goal and received the Zoological Internship. June 2016 I began my 6-month long internship. This is why since then my art and Roleplay have really dwindled. In my most current active Roleplay Group :icondomain-of-the-wolf: I also created a wolf pack with my character Nahimana.
 These two big events clashed over my life. Currently, Real Life is winning. Though I try my hardest to keep up this pack as per the agreement I made when becoming a Pack leader. It will and is currently leaving my pack a little inactive. This is solely due to the fact I mentally and physically have no energy after working. This internship is 8hrs of physical labor.
- Cleaning
- Standing for 8hrs
- Carrying 50+ POUNDs of an assortment of items. Food. Ice.
- Cleaning
- At times waking up at 3AM

For the next 3-4 months, this is what my life consists of. I have very little energy when I get home after working these shifts. Which at this time is: Saturday-Tuesday. My days off are Wednesday-Friday. My days off are my days I try to get art and send out RP replies. If I do send out RPs during my days I work, it is really only after thinking about them for hours. I try my hardest to try and be engaging. This is also why Dawnguard had been flopping in activity.

(Un)fortunately, I will be trying to apply for the next internship, and at the same time will be applying for College for my Psychology Bachelor degree in the Spring. So, I will try my hardest to remain active in the Roleplay world, but you will have to be patient with me. I've never been good at multitasking, but I suppose I will have to try.

If ya'll read this entire journal you deserve a cookie.
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DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Night had come. Checking on her pack, she left the small valley where they were to stay. Everyone had a tough day of training, but it looked they were understanding it. Her pack mates were smart, she knew they would take this knowledge and learn from it. Now, it was time to see Fitu.

Swallowing past her nervousness..or was it anxiety? She crept out of the clearing and followed the directions Fitu had given her. Her pace was fast, she wanted to see Fitu as soon as possible. In only these short hours she had missed that energy between them. To feel such hua; it had to be a sign from the Gods that their union would be a Blessing.

In only a short amount of time, she found the river. Deciding to quench her dry throat she lapped at the cool water. It seemed to slate her thirst, but her anxiety was through the sky as she sat beneath a group of trees and waited for Fitu.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
A pale moonlighted Fitu's path as he made his way out of the caverns and towards the southern hills.

Apprehension had taken hold of him as soon as he and Nahi had part ways those few hours ago. He was surprised with himself. The young alpha had been a shy wolf since joining his first pack and still was. But in those moments of passion he had invited Nahi to the hills.

Fitu turned his decision over and over in his mind. Was this truly for the best? Could they be together leading separate packs? Would their bond be strong enough? But his heart answered every question the same: Yes, yes, yes.

Fitu's concerns, however, strong they had been, melted when he reached the river, to find Nahi waiting for him, her scarlet pelt silvered in the dim light.

"Are you...ready? To keep going, I mean?"
he asked.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Staring up at the pale moon above, she smiled in it's light. Mother Gaho was watching over her, it was a good omen. Breathing slowly, Nahi tried to calm her racing her. While waiting for Fitu, she could begin to think about this will mean for their Packs. Of course they would stay with their own packs, but they could still see each other once and a while.

It wasn't as if a great distance separated them. Yes, the two of them sharing such a great energy, it had to be fate.

Suddenly seeing movement in the shadows, she stood up. Fitu stepped into the silver light and her breath caught. If it weren't for those golden eyes, she almost would've thought he was Gaho come to greet her.

"I am. If you are." Moving forward to greet him, she touched her nose tenderly to his.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
"I am too" Fitu said, feeling a warm ticklish sensation wash over him when she touched his nose with hers.

"It's not far." Fitu promised, turning towards the base of the hills to a path that wound into them. Icadorityl's constellation shone bright above his desired peak, her left eye glowing brighter than ever as if winking supportively to him. He blushed involuntarily, thankful Nahi was still a bit behind him so that she couln't see his face which had twisted into an almost pup-like embarassed grin.

The hills here were less rocky than the ones in Heyl's old location. More grass grew on the hillsides, along with heather and lichens and scrub. Sounds that would normally sent Fitu bouding into the brush after a prey creature did not sway him. The young alpha waited for his companion to reach his side again before licking her ear and forehead. Though he had never done anything like this before, he knew it was right. It all felt right.

When they reached the top of the hill, the vegetation had ceased and all that was left was a flat strip of rock, broken only by the measurless depths of many cold springs, reflecting the shimmering bits of light in the soft darkness above.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Nahi looked up at the sky, staring up at the stars. "The sky is so beautiful at night. I love mornings, but night is also one of my favorite times of the day.." She told as he to had look to the night sky. The moon's glow casted a silvery light upon the wolves. Nahi's russet fur almost seemed to match Fitu's white coat which glowed beneath the night's light.

Trotting quickly to reach his side as they made their way through the valley. Heyl's territory was so different from Dawnguard's. Dawnguard had mostly flat valleys and tall forests of pine. The valleys were mostly marsh near the coast of the cove. But, it was still a near wondrous territory.

After reaching Fitu's side as they reached the apex of hill she felt his warm tongue against the side of her face. Leaning her body gently into his. Looking over crest of the hill, her tail wagged as she peered into the lower valley which had turned to flat rock. Stars winked from the surface of the water.

"Wow, this is beautiful.." She whispered, lying her head on his shoulder and licked it softly.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu nodded.

"I was afraid of leaving Heyl's old territory for many reasons. One of the biggest ones was having to leave the White Hills behind. They were my favorite place to go and think, especially at night. But After finding this place, which is so similar, I don't mind so much."

But never would he have expected to bring Nahi here, and not for this reason. But as he looked over at her, in awe of how her eyes could glow like embers even in the little light they had to see by, Fitu knew he wouldn't want it any different. And now Dawnguard was only just south of Heyl, instead of so far along the coast as it had been. He glanced up at Icadorityl again and silently thanked her. Perhaps the earthquake hadn't been such a bad thing after all. Fitu inhaled deeply, taking in Nahi's scent. He draped his head slowly over her shoulder, aware once again of the heat that rose between them any time they touched.

"I'm glad you came." He said softly.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
"I understand. I felt the same way leaving behind the shrines of my Gods." Nahi's face dropped. It tore at her soul to have seen the shrines buried beneath the water that had flooded their home. "But, we have an entire island now to dedicate to the Gods." Her face brightened and she looked to Fitu.

His eyes were like small orbs of fire. Just like hers. When his head rested on her shoulder, her fur began to prickle. It was that same energy that pulsed through when he had her pinned. When their bodies were so close.

"I am honored that you invited me. I feel..Blessed to have met you Fitu." She leaned her head against his, placing her nose against the small black star that was on his forehead.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu lick Nahi's neck when she touched his forehead. It had all happened so quickly. Not a few months had passed and here they were already, ready to pledge themselves to one other. Fitu traced the fur along Nahi's spine with his nose, taking in her scent again. It was exhilerating to be this close with her. Even more amazing, now that he thought about it, was the fact that they had had the same feelings for eachother. It was like a dream, a shared miracle that could only mean their union had been blessed by higher powers. Never before could he think of two alphas leading different packs coming together in mateship. Of course, there was always a start to everything.

At the same time, the pale wolf felt as if he barely cared about their positions. In fact, the more he thought about it, the less it mattered to him. Nahi was a wolf, just like any other. But she was special to him now because of their shared fire. The complication-or addition- of their alpha status melted away. All Fitu wanted was her.
DOTW| Nahi medallion by SeleneTheWerewolf
Warmth and energy flooded her senses as Fitu's muzzle traced her spine. Her heart beat was so fast, she was sure Fitu could hear it. Could this really be happening? Even though she hardly knew much about Fitu, their connection was electric. It was truly love at first sight.

Knowing one wolf back in her pack that might have a problem with such actions; she didn't care. She was Alpha and so was he, it was obvious their affections were true. This could be good for both of their Packs.

His scent overwhelmed her and filled her nostrils. Never would she forget his smell. He was connected to her. Nahi leaned into his body, feeling the heat focus along where their bodies touched. She felt an overwhelming need to be closer to him. To be with him. If she could ever describe the feeling she had when she saw her God in her dreams, it was what this felt like. The exhilaration to be so close to something that was filled with an overwhelming power.

Floating on cloud-nine, she forgot about everything. Her Pack. The complications of their Packs being separated. Everything was forgotten for that moment. Only she and Fitu existed.
DoTW | Fitu Medallion by FrostedCanid
Fitu licked the back of Nahi's neck vigorously and whispered to her.

"Nahi-I love you"

But he not only said it, he felt it. Every fiber in his body screamed his love for her and before he knew what he was doing, he had grasped the nape of her neck.  They were one, and things could never be the same. It was their time, and their love would be witnessed and blessed by all the celestial bodies that sparkled above.

Greetings Dawnguardians! I hope you all have settled in. Now, it's time for a pack wide plot. However, this will also involve Dawnguard's new ally, Heyl. So Heylites, this is a shout out for you too. Due to such a close relationship, the two Alphas have allowed the packs to co-mingle with each other. This is just the beginning, Dawnguardians and Heylites will be able to visit each other within their packs, but with the Alpha's permission. For now, this is the only visit between Dawnguardians and Heylites until the Alphas have had their rules set in place.

For this visit Heylites will be teaching the Dawnguardians their special deflection fighting. So Dawnguardians and Heylites, please go out there and partner with each other and learn! Due to secrecy of Heyl, Dawnguard is not allowed within the main den site. Dawnguardians, please be sure to be respectful to Heyl and their land. And remember you are still a Dawnguardian and rules of hunting must still be up heaved. Be sure to only hunt with permission of a Heylite.

I know we have some pups out there, so if you are a pup you do not have to preform these fighting techniques, but at least observe the performances.

You have til the end of August to respond to this plot til a new plot begins.

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  So, Dawnguard has received some new recruits! Now, is the perfect time for everyone to get to know one another since everyone has just moved and is settling into the new Dawnguard territory. So, I have some ideas to try and get everyone acquainted with one another. This will be in forms of either pack events, pack prompts or task prompts. Also, please give suggestions for possible ways to have group chats. Would people like a group doc or do a chat in comments?

:star:Edit: For those who want to be added to a Skype chat, please comment below.
:star:Edit2: Even though most of prompts are taken, please feel free to let me know if you want one that is closed.
DAWNGUARD DOC for Group Events

P R O M P T S | C U R R E N T S E A S O N:  S U M M E R

The First Dawn | (One-on-One)

  Your Alpha has awoken you. It's not even dawn yet, but she is insistent that you join her. How can you really say "No" to your Ulrika? With much displeasure (unless you are a morning person) you follow your Ulrika out of the den site, still unsure where you are going. She doesn't share where you two are visiting, she says "It'll be a surprise." She asks some questions about where you are from and why you wanted to join Dawnguard. As you two speak, you soon come upon one of the larger of the two lakes. Just as you two settle down after your long hike, you can see the sun beginning to rise. Will you visit the Lake with your Alpha?
S L O T S (0/3)
more slots will open as RPs are completed

Dancing With Wolves | (Group or One-on-One)

  It's the Full Moon and it's time to celebrate the new comers. The pack goes on a large group hunt and brings down a large deer. Bringing it back to the den area, the pack feasts on the deer. While her pack digests the food they hunted, Nahimana gets up and begins to preform a dance for her pack. Will you join her?
S L O T S (2/3)
more slots will open as RPs are completed
  • (OPEN)
  • (OPEN)

Let me know if you all would like a group chat for this one.

The White Omen | (One-on-One)

  While on a walk with your Alpha, you come upon a grove in the far east side border near the mountains. She pauses and gives a deep sigh. Nahi tells you she is reminiscing about the land she lost to the flood. She tells you of the white elk, the Guardian of the Forest. It is plain to see how worried she is that if he survived the flooding. Or if he left well before the earth shake. As you two speak something begins moving just ahead. You can both smell a vara, but what could it be? Will you take this walk with your Alpha?
S L O T S (0/3)
more slots will open as RPs are completed

In a Field of Stars (Group or One-on-One) -

:new:STARTING 8/12/2016

  Night has fallen over the land. However, one wolf isn't asleep. You see a figure lying down in the grassy field behind the den site. You notice the red coat of your Ulrika. She seems to be waiting for something, her back turned to you she doesn't notice your approach. Lying down beside her ask what she is waiting for. Nahimana only smiles. What is going to happen?
S L O T S (0/3)
more slots will open as RPs are completed
  • (CLOSED)
  • (CLOSED)


  • Visiting Heyl (Coming Soon)

MORE PROMPTS TO COME for now, new comers and other Dawnguardians feel free to look here if you want any ideas for RPing with Nahimana -> DOTW | Nahimana Plot Meme by SeleneTheWerewolf

Tagging Dawnguardians
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So last night I dropped a glass plate and it shattered in my hand. I cut my finger, or I should say I sliced the skin off with some bit of nerves. I went to an Urgent Care spot and they couldn't even give me stitches or anything, they did give me a sponge type thing to help with the blood. So, right now I am in quite some pain. Even typing is causing a bit of pain, so needless to say I won't be drawing til the pain becomes a bit more manageable. This means Broken Path will be postponed for the time being. The doctor told me today that it'll take about 2-3 weeks for the fully heal. Thank you all to those who read this.
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The sun had only just risen over the mountain. And bathing the den area, which consisted of mostly caves either dug into the hill side or in the crevices around the mountain. Nahimana was already awake and had went hunting  early, so now there was feast set up for the members of her pack. An adult buck was lied out in the clearing where there wasn't much rocks and surrounding it was some smaller rabbits and a few edible berries that smelt super sweet and tasty. It was going to be a big and very long day for her pack. Together Nahi was gonna share with them a dream. After visiting and sleeping among the Haunted Hallow she had a dream. Wolves dancing and howling their praise to the Gods. And the Gods were listening and blessed the pack for future season.

Climbing up onto one of the rocky groupings she let out a long and high-pitched howl. A howl to wake the others and come hither. All wolves must be attendance for this to work. She was going to teach them all about being a Dawnguardian!

 - - -


Ylva Nahimana has gathered breakfast for her small pack of Dawnguard. After having a dream in the Haunted Hallow, the Gods gave Nahimana a vision of a new and "fun" way to worship them. To help boost the Oneness in her Pack, she has decided to wake her group and together they will create a dance to preform during each Season Ceremony to give praise and thanks to the Gods.

- - -


TIME: Early Morning
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with a light breeze coming from the north east. The air smell sweetly of salt from the ocean.
PLOT: After eating a very hearty breakfast Nahimana will take the pack to the peek of Howlijah where together they will create dances for each season and for each God.

- - -


  • This is going to be a group roleplay journal for Dawnguardians who wish to participate.
  • Make three posts and it will be worth a bone. When you turn in your bones to the group, just link to this journal
  • Make each post a new comment to this journal. Also remember to tag the wolves you are interacting with so their rper gets notified that you replied! Other than that, this is no different than any other group role play!
  • Look to Wildfire-Tama's Havirian Beach Party for examples how to respond and make your posts.
  • This role play is an informal way to bond or get to know your pack mates! Eat the food and be ready to socialize, make new friends and dance!
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More to be Added Later but here are some prompts to get everyone encouraged into Dawnguard
- - -


*FIRST PROMPT | Second Life Ceremony

Its the full moon and time for the first official Second Life Ceremony. It is time for the wolves of Dawnguard to earn their True Names; beginning their true life as a Dawnguardian. Ylva Nahimana will walk her small pack up to the top of the mountain that their den site is based on. Mountain Howlijah is there most celebrations are held. Since all the members have been cleansed, the ceremony will take place at the peek under the full moon. A true name is very special, it what gives the creature it's soul, its very being is by knowing their true name. One does not just find their true name, they listen and it is given to them by the All Mother Gaho. The pack will spend the entire night, from the rise of the full moon to setting of the full moon the following morning, meditating. Of course they will feast upon a large male elk they worked together to take down. Who can concentrate on an empty stomach?

What to do? Draw or roleplay your wolf taking part in the ceremony, whether it be meditating or eating with their pack mates. Important Item to include: Your wolf's chosen true name.

SECOND PROMPT | Makoce In Training

Hunting is extremely important to Dawnguard, because not only does it give the pack sustenance, but it must be done with respect to the prey. Dawnguardian's are swift killers, the prey isn't meant to suffer. The Makoce must be fast, strong and respectful. Since it is Spring, the pack will mostly feast male or elderly prey. Fish and berries will also make up the entire diet for Dawnguard during Spring season. Does your wolf have what it takes to become a swift killing Makoce who respects the nature?

What to do? Draw or roleplay your wolf hunting down prey, or practicing their special techniques to pull down prey without causing them to suffer. Or perhaps your wolf would try their paw at fish or gathering edible berries.

THIRD PROMPT | Searching For Shrines/Exploring the New Lands

Shrines are the special spiritual spots in Dawnguard territory that tributes will be lied out for the Gods. Problem is, no shrines have yet to be confirmed. These shrines will be for the entire pack use, so Nahi is needing the help of her pack to find possible spots for shrines for the Gods. There are certain spots Ylva Nahi has already marked, she would want the approval of her pack of the placements.

What to do? Draw or roleplay your wolf exploring any of the areas in the pack territory. Important Note to include: Where was your wolf exploring on the map?


*WARNING contains adult oriented themes*

Your Ylva, Nahi has just returned from her first Spirit trip. This trip was used to visit with the Spirits, entering into their realm. Many of the wolves seem excited to enter the spirit realm or just want to see what the Ylva saw. Nahi will not speak to any wolf what she saw, a wolf must enter into the realm without expectations on what they may or may not see. For those who wish to visit, she issues them a warning that it is very dangerous and for the first time she will instruct them on the mix of herbs that will allow them to enter for a short time. The Spirit Realm is nothing to play around with and is mostly used for meditation or speak with Spirits.
What you must do! Before drawing or roleplaying your character "entering" the Spirit Realm they must know in character how to make the mix that allow them to do so. So a meeting the Alpha is recommended.

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Finally! If anyone has been wandering why I dropped off the face of deviantArt (those who aren't part of the art groups I'm in) it was because I was in my final months. I graduate next week and today I just finished my final. I graduate May 3, then a week later I go on my little vacation down to the Florida Keys. I am super excited for that! After my vacation I should be pretty active through summer. Unless something important happens ; )


Digitize Bloom's pregnant picture with Howl for :iconcrescent-children:
and digitize Bloom's Monthly Animal picture

Digitize Winema taking care of Raphael for :icondomain-of-the-wolf:
Winema on date with Tobias
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Hey, ya'll! I'm searching for some RP buddies in the following groups. Give me a shout out if you are part of any of these groups and wish to RP with my characters :D

DOTW | Winema by SeleneTheWerewolf + :DOTW: Asku the Falcon - RETIRED by SeleneTheWerewolf Location : Aryn

OPEN : Aryn or Loners

DOTW | Iris REF by SeleneTheWerewolf Location : Vektren

OPEN : Vektren or Loners

~Crescent Children~ Bloom Application by SeleneTheWerewolf

OPEN : Any

Tagging Current RPers: Shadow-Carlisle with Howl | heartsqueeze with Atticus |

:PKMNSkies: Piper App by SeleneTheWerewolf


HOTK | Amachi App by SeleneTheWerewolf

OPEN : All

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1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars
DOTW | Nahimana App by SeleneTheWerewolf Tagged by MatrixPotato
1. Was a design adopted from xAcidicCanine's picture she made of Phantom in a snow storm rescuing a pup. After a little plotting it turned out to be Nahi and Phantom was her adoptive dad.
2. Half-sister to Genesis, was actually a last minute thing when I decided I wanted Genesis to have some sort of family in DOTW.
3. The Dawnguard Pack she wants to start is based around the Na'vi alien tribe and the Avatar The Last Airbender universe. Her Pack's beliefs are super ancient and said to go back many centuries before there was even a Domain. One day I'll probably make a more detailed version of the Original Pack that begun Nahi's beliefs.
4. Nahimana means Mystic, but she only gives out her full name to wolves she trusts. She only introduces herself as "Nahi" because though Nahimana isn't her true name, she feels more protected for dark forces until she trusts the wolf with her real name (not her true name)
5. If she could only live off of plants, Nahi would totally be a vegetarian.
6. To a point, Nahi actually approves of cannibalism due to her beliefs that as long as the wolf is blessed and their soul has gone on, their strength can be inherited. However, a wolf who cannibalizes will always been connected to that wolf.
7. Nahimana is super innocent and most flirtations toward her would probably go right over her head and she may accidentally seem to flirt with another wolf and not even realize she is flirting. She's super friendly with both genders and may even be categorized as bisexual.
8. Very tactile, she likes to touch and be close to other wolves; maybe its from being a Loner for many seasons..

:DOTW: Asku the Falcon - RETIRED by SeleneTheWerewolf Tagged by WynBird
1. Was created purely to be Winema's seeing eye bird, when in the beginning Winema was going to become fully blind in her fight with Rhaegan.
2. He doesn't like to hang around other birds, especially larger ones. His most permanent company is to always be by Winema's side and be all up in her business.
3. Owes Winema a blood debt for when they first met she could've killed him, but spared him.
4. Loves water. He takes frequent baths in a slow moving creek.
5. Incredibly protective of Winema, probably to the point of blinding a wolf if it came down to it.
6. He sometimes eats the flowers in Winema's mane. Shhh, don't tell her :paranoid:
7. Enjoys playing match maker. He'd probably pair up a toad and a butterfly if he could.
8. Terrified of grasshoppers and locusts.

DOTW | Winema by SeleneTheWerewolf Tagged because I can >: D
1. Offspring of Waya Reference by SeleneTheWerewolf who is one of the main characters an old wolf series I created back in middle school to high school called the Marked for Death series. Part 1. Part 2. Parts 3-10. Rated Mature for strong language, sexual themes and gore.
2. Her first litter was not with Stallion, but in fact with her half-brother, Chunta. Before entering the domain she lost the litter in a snow storm.
3. Her family tree has been inbred at least twice. Mostly cousins or half-siblings. Mostly because of the beliefs of the packs of her ancestors. A future comic to come.
4. Was raised by an elderly wolf pack before she was stolen away by her Father, and raised to be the mate of Chunta and alpha female; though through her pup hood she was abused physically and mentally. As a pup and into her young adult years she her rank was lower than an Omega.
5. Deathly afraid of thunder and lightening because as part of her abuse when there was a storm the pack would stick her outside to fend for herself outside the pack den area.
6. Has 3 other siblings but is unsure if they are alive.
7. Though not technically an aged adult, she looks much older than she really is. She doesn't care about her scars because they are reminders of what she's been through. A bit more stable than she was before, she still hears the voice of dead brother questioning everything wolves say to her.
8. Knows Stallion is another pack, and still wants to find him for closure...

~Crescent Children~ Bloom Application by SeleneTheWerewolf cuz lilwyverngirl wanted it <3
1. Out of Estella she was the only remaining blood-related children of Winema and Stallion.
2. Out of all her children, she resembles her Mother the most in color and personality. Has the fluffy neck fur of her Father.
3. Suffers from PTSD from her near death experience with Rhaegan and being taken from Blutwald.
4. Is only her true self with Howl in Lunariah.
5. Will be expecting soon.
6. Has trust issues.
7. Never had good relationship with her Father, even though she really wanted it. But, ever since seeing him destroy her Uncle, it was hard getting close to him.
8. Left DOTW for only one reason. To find Howl.

1. Quailmix with Lilith
2. Spicerooni with Stallion
3. KinaRain with Raven
4. DawnFrost with Varrick
5. florafudou with Le Serviteur
6. Halkuonn with Bellanaris
7. Hirvlased with Badger
8. data-bull with Rutnik
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So, I watched The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on opening night. I didn't have much high hopes for it since I know how Disney loves to add things that don't make sense in past stories. And, to my surprise it wasn't THAT BAD. It had its flaws, but otherwise was really fun and cute.

I'd like to start off with the Good side of my review.

+ I LOVED THE SONGS! My favorite part of the movie had to be the songs. They are so cute. However, one in particular reminded me of My Little Pony "Stop the Bats". It was a Hyena song called "Tonight We Strike". The beats were quite similar in my unprofessional opinion. But, I still enjoyed the song.

+ Returning voice actors. James Earl Jones returns to play Mufasa, as well as Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa. I was really happy to hear the original voice actors. On that note, though some did not return for the character voices were still real nice: Eden Riegel who voiced Kiara (a known role might be as young Miriam from Prince of Egypt). Rafiki was also played by someone most young adults who grew up watching cartoonnetwork/Teen Titans might remember. Khary Payton, the voice of Cyborg. Kevin Schon did an excellent voice actor as Timon(After a little bit of researching Schon played as Timon in "Timon & Pumbaa" tv series), I almost thought he was Nathan Lane.

+ Bunga's story. I am sure we will get a little in sight with how Timon and Pumbaa adopted the young honey badger and I am really intrigued to know more. Hopefully they'll shed some light in the upcoming tv series.

+ They give Scar a "reason" that he became evil. (Not gonna give the story away)

Now onto the stuff that really bothered me. I may or may not be alone in voicing these opinions, but please don't take offense if you don't agree with what I say. Everyone can have their own opinion.

- Extremely disappointed in the cub to adult proportions! These young cubs are almost the size of adults. I seriously hope these fix these adjustments before the tv series airs. It was really bothersome to me. Not even TLKSP had cub and adult proportions wrong. PLEASE DISNEY FIX THIS!

- Not happy about the fact that they could not get Simba's voice actor, Matthew Broderick . In that case, couldn't get Nala's voice actress either. Not that the voices were terrible, but to find the majority of a return cast was a bit sad. :(

- They completely rewrote Kiara's personality. In this tv series she can't wait to be Queen. What happen to the little rebellious lion princess who said, "What if I don't want to be Queen? Its no fun." T - T And to those who are about to say that shes "older" in the tv series, would be wrong since Disney put the Lion Guard technically "into" Simba's Pride timeline.

- That once again they make Hyenas the main villain. In the second movie I know Zira was the main villainous and the Hyenas were henchmen in the first. I understand that naturally Lions & Hyenas are mortal enemies in the wild, but I mean come on. Where is the originality?! It would really be nice that they can at least introduce a hyena cub that could get along with the Lion Guard gang.

- The Tattoo..oh gawd the tattoo! D: Its a cutie mark for goodness sake! It would've been nice for it be a mark that Rafiki gives the gang when they prove themselves for protecting the Gazelle herd from the Hyenas.

- Last but not least. This is more of something funny, than something that bothered me. In the trailer after the movie, it showed the Lion Guard saving animals from other animals. One thing popped into my mind. "The Lion Guard! Protecting animals from the natural circle of life!" Lol. But, no seriously. Though it does look like they are stopping the natural order, however I am guessing the Hyenas, crocodiles and cobras (and whatever other creature they decide to make a villain) are probably trying to "poach" the animals of the Pirdelands. For example, in the movie, the Hyena Clan was killing an ENTIRE herd of Gazelle's for sport so they would throw the Pridelands out of balance. That I can see being the key plot of the Lion Guard series.

Now, that my rant review is over for those who've seen the movie do you agree with anything? Have any other critiques? Please share :D
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:icondolphindomain: is now OPEN!

Hello, fellow cetaceans lovers! I hope you all looked forward to the opening day of Dolphin Domain, because now the wait is finally over. Now I know not a lot of people have heard about this group, so there is no deadline of when the group will close. However, I will be keeping an eye on how many people join and for what species. If a species gets filled up you'll have to try out for another species.

The only species that has a strict number is Orcas. This is because Orca OCs are quite popular and I don't want this group filled with Orca OCs. So, only 2 Orcas species are allowed. I know for now it might seem unfair, but I have opened up all 10 subspecies of Orcas. The reason I have done this is because not only do I feel bad because Orcas are so well loved, people with Orca OCs may want to join with their own character, but also because only 2-3 species of orcas are used. As the group fills up and gets more air underneath it's wings I may open the cap up some more.

For now only marine mammals are allowed within the group. But, late in time other species will be allowed to join.

How to Join:

Character link: [link to your character here]
Character name: [character name here]
Account Name: [your account name here]


Character link: selenethewerewolf.deviantart.c…
Character name: Kekona
Account Name: SeleneTheWerewolf
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THANKS, WYN! I normally don't do tags, but here I go.

You're in a mental hospital!
Use to randomize a list of your friends/watchers/helpless victims and use the first 16!

1. Your roommate:
@ wolfmoon24 (You would be XD )

2. Your Doctor: 
@ Viscuit (Awesome! You'll totally know where I'm coming from lol)

3. Person licking the windows:  
@ VerdantCreature (What are you doing?)

4. Person stashing food in random places:
 @ WynBird (You share right?)

5. Person acting like an animal: 
@ SpicySpaghettio (Don't worry, it's okay to Roleplay
once and a while xD )

6. Person helping you plot an escape: 
 @ Hasterlect (In the dead of night we'll collect our provisions
and dig out with our spoons)

7. Person yelling nonsense about clowns: 
@ Hyperesis (I'll scream with you, I don't like clowns either Dx)

8. Person who is running around with a frying pan: 
@ The-Kayfox (Where'd you get that?)

9. Person who believes that she is able to control when the end of the world occurs: 
@ Wildfire-Tama (Gimme some advice please?)

10. Person actually going crazy:
@ Kimerasaurus (Shhh, its okay :iconbunpetplz:

11. Person who was under at least ten restraining orders:
@ DasherDoodle (Geezus woman, what did you do!?)

12. Person who is strapped down to their bed:
@ Shadow-Carlisle (See this is what happens when you misbehave)

13. Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster: 
@ MatrixPotato (Shh, its okay. It went quickly. :iconletmehugyouplz: )

14. Person who speaks in Morse code: 
@ Tazihound (Please teach me!)

15. Person who is the most sane out of everybody:  
@ Bloomins (BREAK US OUT!)

16. Person who doesn't know why he/she is here in the first place: 
@ florafudou (It'll be be okay, we'll be out soon)

You're tagged if you want to be XD

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I have been thinking about creating a Dolphin RP-Group for the longest time.The only thing is, I need some help to run it. Just 1-3 active members that love to roleplay and maybe have some moderator experience. The experience though isn't necessary. However, I would like someone experienced with coding, I'm quite the amateur when it comes to making dA skins and coding.

The group will be pretty laid back, and not have too many activity checks, because I know life comes first and schooling can become pretty hectic. So, now I'd like to explain what the idea is for Dolphin Domain.

This world has no humans and is mostly covered in water besides a few pieces of land for birds and other animals. The main inhabitants are many species of dolphins and whales. As the group goes on, more pods will be discovered. These pods of cetaceans are of higher intelligence than our normal cetaceans. In this world, each animal is connected to a "Soul Stone". In this world there is the Lagoon of Birth, where almost every species comes to welp their offspring. This Lagoon is covered in strange pebbles. At first glance, they are nothing by smooth round stones, but when a creature is born, a stone will choose it. This becomes their Soul Stone, the stone is imbued with strange magic that grants special abilities to any animal.

There are even more special items, called "Relics" these relics contain more powerful magic. That can be used for good, or for evil. Even in this world, others will do anything to control others. Some may try to find these Relics that have been scattered across the 7 Seas.

There will be events where some relics may be up for grabs. There'll be contests and other random events--not just for stones but characters to interact with other species.

What species will be available first?
Orca species, Pilot Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, and Sealions.

As the plot moves along, more species will be available, including bird species, fresh water dolphins, other deep sea dolphins and whales.

If you're interested in helping or have any questions please, comment below. Thank you for your time.
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Alright, so I was listening to a bunch of Legend of Korra music and ran across this Legend of Korra AMV the music is from Attack on the Titan. Well, because I have an endless amount of imagination, I pictured doing something for Domain of the Wolf. Everyone in the group can participate. All they have to do is draw their characters in different types of scenes with whatever characters they want ((as long they have permission to use someone else's characters in their drawing scenes)) I know the song seems to have a very "violent" feel, but scenes do not have to be violent. They can be playful. Just draw what you want and I can figure out where to place it ^_^

I would definitely love to have all packs to participate especially the Alphas ((I think one part of the music will fit all four five pack leaders. The new creatures and Loners are also allowed and of course any deceased characters can also make an appearance too. :la:

More information to be released if I get enough support. I'd love to finish this video by Christmas for a nice surprise for the entire group.

:new: OMG, I can't believe how much support I am getting :D So decided to add some more information.

For those who are willing to draw more art:
So for what I am imagining is definitely some fighting scenes (there does not have to be a lot of blood) I think what I'm really going for is action poses and action poses with other wolves.
If you draw any type of art for specifically this project please be sure to comment below and mention my name ((so I can be sure to know this is especially for "Attack of the Wolves" Project. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING. I'll also be posting pictures of stuff I'll be borrowing.


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February 2, 2014

I had a lot of good interactions with the dolphins today. Mostly with Hayley. At one point, I was rubbing down two dolphins at the same time, it was so exciting. Later in the day, after being at the wall for about an hour and a half the younger dolphins began to get a little playful. Perhaps too playful for the tourists. While looking the other way; I need to stop doing this now, possibly. A dolphin--I think its Hayley, comes up from the opposite way I am looking and grabs hold of my hand. I am now an owner of three rake marks on the outside of my hand. My hand was on the wall inside the water, she had put her head up on the wall to grab hold of my hand. A little while later, another dolphin, possibly the same grabs my other hand, though I think there was only a tooth that went on my skin cause there is only a tiny piece of skin skin missing. Nothing major. I know the dolphins were only playing..

Decided to go to SeaWorld today after my class. After the interaction I had today with a dolphin, I'm glad I went. I've been Dolphin Cove so many times I've lost count. Often I would go with a red bandanna on my head, but ever since I started working at Discovery Cove, I've worn my hat. Well, standing at the wall my second time within an hour or so, this dolphin swam, slowly toward my out reaching hand. Respectfully I pulled my hand back as he (I think it was a male) approached. He pressed his rostrum against the wall right below me. He gave a soft squeak, then rolled to his side and I rubbed him from his side to the tips of his flukes. Instead of swimming away like most of the dolphins do, he turned around! I was speechless. After his face passed, I once again rubbed from his back, to his side to the tips of flukes. So, you'd think twice was lucky, right? Yeah, I thought so too, until he turned over a third time and let me rub him from back, to side, to the tip of his flukes. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. I couldn't contain my elation. It looked like he was about to do it again, when a dolphin nudged him away and they both went on their way. In all the times that I've been to Dolphin Cove, never had a dolphin repeatedly wanted my touch.

I wish I could remember that dolphin's face. I know what I want for my a birthday. A GoPro and the strap for the chest or something. I wish i could've caught that moment in a place other than my mind.

Watching over another dolphin from afar, with my hand still resting in the water, a dolphin pressed her rostrum against my hand and I was able to rub my hand down her side. Still looking in the opposite direction, two dolphins rested their rostrums against the wall near my hand where I later rubbed them down after they moved off.

Geneva, the Key West lead female, logged closely in front of me watching me for a few minutes. When she rolled partially to her side and allowed me to rub her down a bit. This was a bit of a surprise since Geneva from what I've seen when around Dolphin Cove doesn't really visit the wall to allow rubs.

Nico enjoyed checking me out, opening his mouth as if he was begging to play with me. I might've allowed him, but Animal Care was around I wanted to respect his face and not get yelled at.

Another dolphin later in the night shows up repeatedly rolls to his side letting me rub down from his side, to back and all the way to his flukes. He rested his flukes in my hand as I rubbed them. It repeats this behavior 3-5 times within 15-20 minutes.
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Animal Crossing New Leaf Wish List

Thu Jun 27, 2013, 10:08 AM

This part is for adding content!! :) Don't forget this code, it goes in the journal text section!!

An extra section :)

So, after playing Animal Crossing, almost non-stop, I've had an idea. I'm sure I am not the only one who has a wishlist of furniture, or a clothing series they are after. Well, I've decided to put up a wishlist, that other people can comment on and put their own wish list up for everyone to see. Also, feel free to throw your Friend Code around so you can visit other people's towns and meet new people. ^^

So, to share your wishlist here what you can do:

Name: (name of your character)
Friend Code: (put your fc here, if you don't want it shown publicly you can leave it blank and mssg someone who is interested in your wishlist)
Native Fruit: (whats your native fruit)
Country: (JP,KOR & EUR have different items than US, I for one would love some other country items and friends)
Wishlist Items: (make your list here)

Name: Coral
Friend Code: 1418-6878-4429 (let me know if you add me)
Native Fruit: Apples
Country: US
Wishlist Items:
Cabin Series:
Cabin Wall, Cabin Bed, Cabin Dresser, Cabin Chair, Cabin Bookcase, Cabin Clock,
Cabin Wall clock, Cabin Couch, Cabin Wardrobe

Ranch Series:
Ranch Wall, Ranch Flooring, Ranch Dresser, Ranch Wardrobe, Ranch Couch, Ranch Armchair,
Ranch Chair, Ranch Table, Ranch Tea Table, Ranch Bookcase, Ranch Hutch,
Ranch Wall rack

Zen Set:
Tea Table, Hearth, Screen, Hibachi, Tea Tansu, Stair Dresser, Low Screen,
Lucky Frog, Tall Lantern

Totem Pole Set:
Bear Pole, Eagle Pole, Frog-Woman Pole, Raven Pole

Tteij Plate (Kor  DLC)
Kimbap Plate (Kor  DLC)
Shaved-Ice lamp (Kor  DLC)
Afternoon-Tea set (JP  DLC)
Hot Plate
Incense Burner
Ceramic Hot Pot
Pot rack
Festival Lantern
Box Sofa, Box Corner Sofa
Aquarius Urn (JP DLC)
Rice-Plant Bed (JP DLC)
Sushi Platter

Bear Costume, Bear-Costume Pants
Cat Cap, Cat Dress, Cat Tank Dress
Cowboy Boots, Outback hat, Western Pants, Western Shirt
Geisha Wig, Kimono, Kimono Sandals
Imperial Pants, Pigtail, Silk hat
Jester Pants, Jester Shirt, Jester Tank, Jester's Hat, Jester's Mask
Pharaoh's Outfit
Eye Patch, Sea Captain's Coat
Samurai Suit, Samurai Helmet
Fish Tee
Bone Shirt
Blue Down Jacket
Kung-Fu Tee
Gray Parka
Tan Puffy Vest
Shearing Coat
Mint Gingham Skirt
Red Riding Dress, Red Hood
Plum Coat
Casual Dress

Kintaro Wig
Topknot Wig
Lion-Dance Mask

Lace-Up Boots
Shearing Boots
Gladiator Sandals
Hero's Boots (Fortune Cookie #49)

Black Flowers

Of course, I don't expect to get EVERYTHING on my list, but it was just something fun to do. ^^ If you have any of this these items, I am willing to pay the normal value price for them. (Not Rich Town Price) Or, I'd be willing to trade.

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